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We just finished installing work in the Marietta College Band Hall as part of this weekends Brick Street Arts Bash, he said Friday. The majority of my work is in metal, wood, fabrics and paper but we havent ever set up something quite this size before. Its a pretty eclectic sampling of materials. Photos submitted by Geoff Schenkel Furniture and accessories made out of reused materials are installed in the Marietta College Band Hall on Third Street for the Brick Street Arts Bash Saturday. Ortt said not only do artists come by the recycling center for materials like glass and metals, but painters ask for cardboard and farmers ask for shredded paper for animal bedding and garden beds. Theres a whole satellite industry for reuse and we encourage it, she said. We make no money on hauling glass so come and take what you need, just be safe. Rob Reiter, head of the Southeastern Ohio Joint Solid Waste Management District, said curbside recycling collections have decreased in recent years. Marietta had approximately 1,400 tons of recycling in 2015 but that dropped a couple hundred in 2016, he said. But in Belpres 600 tons a year and Barlows 120 tons a year has been steady. But Ortt said she has seen an increase in area recycling at the center, especially in plastics. Were on track for another 10 percent increase in plastics, she said. Weve seen year after year an increase in what people are putting an effort in to recycle.

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The YouGov poll for the Sunday Times found that 44 percent were set to back the Conservatives, down from 48 percent last weekend. Support for Labour climbed to 31 percent from 25 percent. May said on April 11 that she would look to hold an election on June 8, to secure a mandate for her plan for leaving the European Union. Her secure lead in the polls meant sterling rose on the prospect of an election. She has sought to portray her Conservative party as the stable option as Britain prepares to start negotiations with the EU over the terms of its departure. A further tightening in poll ratings might generate more uncertainty over what Britain's position will be when it sits down in June to begin negotiations in earnest. However, despite the narrowing gap, pollsters were divided over whether support for the Conservatives was actually falling. An earlier poll by Opinium showed support for the Conservatives had actually risen two points, but the gap between the biggest parties narrowed nevertheless as Labour boosted their support by four points. Smaller parties saw their share of the vote drop.